February 18, 2012

Video Manifesto #1

Hey guys !

Here is my very first video ! I actually decided to made a conceptual video for fun and I wanted to try something new on the blog besides photography... Let me know what you think about it, please ! I was inspired mostly by David Lynch movies and by a video made by Willy Vanderperre for Dior Homme called "Memoir" which promotes the next ss012 season (you can find it on my facebook page). And If you really pay attention to it, there is a story in this video, it's not just several scenes one after an other. I actually have an idea for the 2nd video but it wont be online right now. It takes so much time to edit a video + in my opinion iMovie is not convenient. Ha ha.

Music : Clara Moto - 'The opposite is also wrong'.
Recorded with iPhone 4s.



  1. I do like the fact that you try to do the movie way. And it has a sytle which is also important. Go and try to do more of these short storys!!!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel ! I appreciate :) I'll make some more videos of this kind ! I have lots of ideas ! When I'm done with my finales at school, I'll shoot 'em ;)