August 23, 2012

Out of the country #3

Hey guys !

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my Tokyo photos ! Let me know what do you think about ‘em !

I’m off to New-York for the next 2 weeks ! I’m actually writing this post from the plane ! It’s a total mess up here ! Do you know the tv show Sneifled ? There is a scene in which Elen is in coach and it’s a fucking mess, that’s exaclty the same here ! Funny thought...

Be back with quite a few photos as usual ! Stay tuned with my Tumblr linked to my Instagram account ;)

August 20, 2012

Tokyo, Japan #3

August 19, 2012

Tokyo, Japan #2

August 18, 2012

Tokyo, Japan #1

August 13, 2012

Out of the country #2

Hey Guys !
I'm writing this post from Torino, Italia. Yep, I'm actually spending a few days there with my family. I know I'm not posting a lot here since I get back from Japan, I'm so sorry but I was constantly busy since then. The good news is that I finished the editing of my photos of Tokyo ! There are already on my personal Facebook account. I will definitely post my faves' here when I'm gonna be back home.

I hope you have a great summer ! Have fun as much as you can...