February 13, 2012

The coolest bookshop I have ever walked in !

Here are 3 photos I took in a bookshop via del Governo Vecchio in Rome, It.
It's one of my favorite bookshop there. I love this store because you can find what ever you want and there are lots of books about cinema/art/photo/design/architecture. I actually discovered it last summer when I was walking through this street coz' it's the thrift stores street (see an earlier post about it). And at night it's also a great location to have diner or/& drinks coz' there are lots of restaurants, bars and art galleries too ! And (this is the best part) the bookshop stay open all night long, it closes when the bars close. I remember I went there at 2 am just before coming back to my room. It was quite amazing compare to where I live ;) So, if you plan to go to Rome, you should definitely go there ! If you guys have any question about Rome, Italy you can ask me anything, I actually know the city by heart.


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