December 9, 2011

Hey !

I'm really sorry guys I'm a very bad blogger right now ! And I actually hate it when I don't have any time for blogging ! I'm spending all my time studying all day long for the 1st semester final exams which gonna be next week. Wish me luck ! After that I'm going to Rome, Italy. So, as I always do, I'll be back with lots of new photos to post here in January after the 2nd part of the exams & when I'll be back with my normal life...

If I have enough time before that I wanna work on a series of photo on the theme of Xmas in my town (Toulon, France). The Xmas Village, the Ice rink + a carousel were installed on different town squares. And the illuminations are amazing ! I must shoot all that !

I'm sure you have noticed I've made some changes on the blog by adding some pages above & I'm also sure you have noticed that those pages are empty... I promise I'm gonna remedy to that as soon as I can !

xo xo - DJG.

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